COVID-19 is troubles will end in Oxford.

COVID-19 is troubles will end in Oxford.

For the past few months, COVID-19  has dominated the lives of people. As everyone knows, everyone is working hard due to COVID-19. Many people have died since COVID-19 and many cases are still being monitored and many new cases are also being added.

But there is another truth behind this, our government is working harder than that to get rid of this epidemic. The government is constantly working on this with deep suspicion and has also continued to keep its people as safe as possible. And during the crisis of Corona, the police are doing a bigger and bigger job with the government.

Where the government and police are contributing, the country’s doctors are making the biggest and most important contribution to it. Doctors from all countries are looking for ways to avoid this epidemic COVID-19.

More than 150 research institutes and companies from 70 countries around the world are involved in vaccine development, but there are only five such projects, including Germany and the UK, that have been approved for testing humans after animals. The test will also start in the US by July-August. In which Oxford is contributing the greatest.

COVID-19 is troubles will end in Oxford


It is now going to be the first human arrival in Oxford to survive an epidemic like COVID-19. Two volunteers were injected here.


There are 16 companies making vaccines in India. Of these, three have been approved by Cadila, Bharat Biocon and Serum Institute and government grants for the development of vaccine. Work on two proposals from the National Institute of Immunology has already gone ahead. Testing of vaccine samples on humans may begin in May.


Donald Trump expressed confidence that we are very close to this vaccine. Dr Anthony Fauci said that it can take 12 to 18 months for COVID-19  vaccine to be ready.


Germany is going to make its first human journey to escape Corona and it will be by the end of April. Let us tell you that this training is to be done at Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI) in Germany.

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