Do you know this amazing technology of Japan

Do you know this amazing technology of Japan

The whole world is in a race to go to the forefront. All countries are moving forward using technology in the technological era, while Japan has reached far beyond its many brilliant technologies. Japan has many amazing technologies that are famous all over the world and further and further. Japan is going to bring many more such amazing technologies in its coming days.

So let’s take a look at some of Japan’s amazing technology.

The Calorie Scanner:


With today’s technology, people are very busy with work in their lives. As a result of which they are unable to pay attention to their diet, which also affects their health. Just because of this, we definitely need such technology that can guide us fully in staying healthy.

Yes, everyone also worries about their body, some with their obesity and some with their lean pan. Everyone tries to keep himself healthy but he is unsuccessful due to not getting the right evidence of calorie food.

This Japanese technology is a very successful technology that tells the calories of food. This calorie scanner shows the exact evidence of how many calories are in your food. In just 10 seconds, this scanner gives you accurate information about the amount of calories in your food and helps you stay healthy.


Gate Tower Building (Hanshin Expressway):


It is the largest engineering sample of the whole world. Because this is the only building in the world from which the highway passes. Gate Tower Building is a 16 floor office building in Fukushima-ku, Osaka, Japan. And This building belongs to TKP Corporation.

Although the owner of the building was not approving this work, Japan’s government, after 5 years of negotiations, the work was completed as soon as it was approved. Apart from gate tower building 1 to 4 floor and floor 8 to 16, it passes through highway 5, 6 and 7 floors.

It also does not do any kind of vibration so that people have no problem. The lift of the building has been kept out of the way so that people do not have any problem of coming.


Door scanner:

Door scanner

In this way, this technology will be seen in countries around the world, but in Japan, this technology is something different. There are such door scanners in all countries, but this door scanner opens the entire door on seeing what comes. While there is a lot of technology in this technology in Japan, this scanner opens the door in the same shape that someone is coming. This means that as much of the place as it will open, the rest will remain closed.

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Japanese Toilet:

Japanese Toilets

In the world you will find a lot of technical toilets but a different type of toilet you will only see in Japan which is a sci-fi and it is very hygienic and amorous.

Such toilets have seat heating features. It can even check your blood pressure and this toilet is also able to check your weight or urine. This toilet also maintains a completely clean cleaning technique, so that the toilet remains clean and hygienic.


Food Vending Machine:

Food Vending Machines

On hearing the name of the vending machine, people only think that only tea or coffee will come out of such machine. But let me tell you that Japan is also very far ahead in this. Today, yes, you can remove whatever you want from Japan’s vending machine. You will get all those food items of life with this vending machine.

And you can also shop from these machines, if you want clothes or shoes, then you can use this vending machine. Here, this vending machine also provides you the girl’s number. You can do all this with just one click on this vending machine.