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Facebook launching TikTok-inspired Collab app

The Collab App is an entertainment app released by Facebook’s team NPE. Facebook’s New Product Experimentation (NPE) team is testing a new TikTok-inspired app called Collab App to create music videos. The app is currently only available on iOS which has been released only in the US and Canada. Collab app is not available in other country right now.

Collab App: This is a Tiktok inspired app in which you can easily make videos. Through this app, you can sync two videos sync, but you can also sync three videos sync. Users can create and watch 15 second video clips in it. And you can create many types of videos in this app, not just professionals. And it can also be shared. With this app you can make videos but you can also share videos made in it. And even up to this story you can also be updated on the social media site.

The app is not yet available on the Android version, but Facebook has claimed that it will soon be released on Android as well. And not only this, it is to be released in India very soon.


TikTok vs facebook’s Collab

As everyone knows, TikTok app is a famous entertainment app. And TikTok app has 800 million active users all over the world. But the fact is that it did not get any special reviews on PlayStore. Right now the week has increased its review. So the same Facebook has stepped into the world of entertainment and has released the Collab app, and which the user can use very easily.

By the way, Facebook has said that the Collab app will work like TikTok, but the Collab has included more features than TikTok. With the release of the Collab app, users of TikTok can now be divided. With the Collab released by Facebook coming into the market, and especially it will be interesting to see how much market this app covers TikTok.

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How can we connect to Collab

By the way Currently, this app is only available to the Invited User, which means it has been released on beta version only.

You have to visit this website to connect to it for the wait list. And it has to be logged on. Here you have to submit the given form, in which you have to select your email, full name, age, and country. And now you are on its list.

Facebook said that if a user’s clip is used in other videos, they will get credit for it. However, it will be necessary for other users to shoot an original clip. Initially Collab will focus on music creations only. Maybe a few days later the company starts offering options for other media formats as well.