India Lockdown extension: Lockdown 3.0 begins

Even after 6 weeks of Lockdown, COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc all over the world. Due to which the time of Lockdown in India has been extended. So that the problem of this can be avoided, Lockdown has been increased according to its zone. India has extended Lockdown till 17 May 2020.

COVID-19’s havoc can be seen so far, 42,490 cases are active in India, in which 58 new cases have been added and 1391 people have died so far. And where the situation is poor in the USA, Spain, Italy, UK, France, Germany, Russia, Iran, Brazil and Turkey. So far 68,002 people have been killed in the USA and 1.17 Million cases are active. There are 245,56 cases in Spain and 25,100 people have died. In Italy and the UK, more than 24,000 people have been killed. And about 2 lakh cases are active in these two countries.

In France and Germany

In France and Germany, its havoc continues, but 1.75 million cases of COVID-19 are active and 24,760 people died in France, where 6,122 people have been killed in Germany. And the place where this epidemic started, the country of China is now seeing the effect of COVID-19. There are only 2 new cases added in the last few days, it is a matter of great pride for China. So far, 3.45 Million cases are Confirmed in the WORLD and 244K people have been killed due to this epidemic corona.

What is the Red zone, Orange zone, and Green Zone

The Red Zone, Green Zone, and Orange Zone are classified on the number of COVID-19 patients. Red zone means where the numbers are increasing and the cases are getting added at double the speed. The same orange zone where there are fewer cases than the red zone and green zone, where no new cases have come in the last 21 days.

The government has divided the Lockdown into 3 phases and the lockdown rules will apply according to these divisions. So let us see which zone the city and state fall into and which items will be banned and exempted in these zones.


  • Public transport, taxis and cabs, spas and salons, malls, shopping centers, and teaching departments will remain closed.
  • In a four-wheeled vehicle, 2 passenger seats with the driver are allowed.
  • Drink shops are allowed to open.
  • It is permissible to open an office with 33% of employees in the office.
  • E-commerce will be allowed but only for essential items.
  • Permission to cultivate has been granted.
  • Manufacturing units are allowed. (Essential item like medical devices, pharmaceuticals)
  • The OPD department and medical clinics are allowed.
  • Air, rail, sea and metro train services are not allowed

Orange Zone

  • In a four-wheeled vehicle, 2 passenger seats with the driver are allowed.
  • E-commerce will be allowed for both essential and non-essential items.
  • Liquor stores will be allowed.
  • Liquor stores will be allowed
  • The OPD department and medical clinics are allowed.
  • Air, rail, sea and metro train services are not allowed

Green Zone

  • The OPD department and medical clinics are allowed.
  • E-commerce has been fully permitted in this zone with non-essential and essential items.
  • Air, rail, sea, and metro train services are not allowed.
  • All goods traffic is permitted. No state/ UT shall stop the movement of cargo for cross land-border trade under treaties with neighboring countries.
  • Buses can operate with up to 50 percent seating capacity and bus depots can operate with up to 50 percent capacity.
  • Sale of liquor has been allowed in all zones. However, if the shops are located in malls, marketing complexes, and in containment areas, they cannot open.

So let’s look at the city and the state according to the zone (Top state of INDIA)

Gujarat State:

AhmedabadRed Zone
SuratRed Zone
VadodaraRed Zone
AnandRed Zone
Banas KanthaRed Zone
PanchmahalRed Zone
BhavnagarRed Zone
GandhinagarRed Zone
AravalliRed Zone
RajkotOrange Zone
BharuchOrange Zone
BotadOrange Zone
NarmadaOrange Zone
Chhota Udaipur (Chhotaudepur)Orange Zone
MahisagarOrange Zone
MehsanaOrange Zone
PatanOrange Zone
KhedaOrange Zone
ValsadOrange Zone
DohadOrange Zone
Kachchh (Kutch)Orange Zone
NavsariOrange Zone
Gir SomnathOrange Zone
DangOrange Zone
SabarkanthaOrange Zone
TapiOrange Zone
JamnagarOrange Zone
SurendranagarOrange Zone
MorbiGreen Zone
AmreliGreen Zone
PorbandarGreen Zone
JunagadhGreen Zone
Devbhumi Dwarka (Devbhoomi Dwarka)Green Zone

Rajasthan State:

JaipurRed Zone
JodhpurRed Zone
KotaRed Zone
AjmerRed Zone
BharatpurRed Zone
NagaurRed Zone
BanswaraRed Zone
JhalawarRed Zone
TonkOrange Zone
JaisalmerOrange Zone
DausaOrange Zone
JhunjhunuOrange Zone
HanumangarhOrange Zone
BhilwaraOrange Zone
Sawai MadhopurOrange Zone
ChittorgarhOrange Zone
DungarpurOrange Zone
UdaipurOrange Zone
DholpurOrange Zone
SikarOrange Zone
AlwarOrange Zone
BikanerOrange Zone
ChuruOrange Zone
PaliOrange Zone
BarmerOrange Zone
KarauliOrange Zone
RajsamandOrange Zone
BaranGreen Zone
BundiGreen Zone
GanganagarGreen Zone
JaloreGreen Zone
SirohiGreen Zone
PratapgarhGreen Zone

Maharashtra State:

MumbaiRed Zone
PuneRed Zone
ThaneRed Zone
NashikRed Zone
PalgharRed Zone
NagpurRed Zone
SolapurRed Zone
YavatmalRed Zone
AurangabadRed Zone
SataraRed Zone
DhuleRed Zone
AkolaRed Zone
JalgaonRed Zone
Mumbai SuburbanRed Zone
RaigadOrange Zone
AhmednagarOrange Zone
AmravatiOrange Zone
BuldhanaOrange Zone
NandurbarOrange Zone
KolhapurOrange Zone
HingoliOrange Zone
RatnagiriOrange Zone
JalnaOrange Zone
NandedOrange Zone
ChandrapurOrange Zone
ParbhaniOrange Zone
SangliOrange Zone
LaturOrange Zone
BhandaraOrange Zone
BeedOrange Zone
OsmanabadGreen Zone
WashimGreen Zone
SindhudurgGreen Zone
GondiaGreen Zone
GadchiroliGreen Zone
WardhaGreen Zone

Uttar Pradesh State:

AgraRed Zone
LucknowRed Zone
SaharanpurRed Zone
Kanpur NagarRed Zone
MoradabadRed Zone
FirozabadRed Zone
Gautam Buddh Nagar (Noida and Greater Noida)Red Zone
BulandshahrRed Zone
MeerutRed Zone
RaebareliRed Zone
Varanasi (Banaras)Red Zone
BiinorRed Zone
AmrohaRed Zone
Sant Kabir NagarRed Zone
AligarhRed Zone
MuzaffarnagarRed Zone
RampurRed Zone
MathuraRed Zone
BareillyRed Zone
GhaziabadOrange Zone
HapurOrange Zone
BaghpatOrange Zone
BastiOrange Zone
BudaunOrange Zone
SambhalOrange Zone
AuraiyaOrange Zone
ShamliOrange Zone
SitapurOrange Zone
BahraichOrange Zone
KannaujOrange Zone
AzamgarhOrange Zone
MainpuriOrange Zone
ShravastiOrange Zone
BandaOrange Zone
JaunpurOrange Zone
EtahOrange Zone
KasganjOrange Zone
SultanpurOrange Zone
Prayagraj (Allahabad)Orange Zone
JalaunOrange Zone
MirzapurOrange Zone
EtawahOrange Zone
PratapgarhOrange Zone
GhazipurOrange Zone
GondaOrange Zone
MauOrange Zone
BhadohiOrange Zone
UnnaoOrange Zone
PilibhitOrange Zone
BalrampurOrange Zone
AyodhyaOrange Zone
GorakhpurOrange Zone
JhansiOrange Zone
HardoiOrange Zone
KaushambiOrange Zone
BarabankiGreen Zone
KheriGreen Zone
HathrasGreen Zone
MaharajganjGreen Zone
ShahjahanpurGreen Zone
Ambedkar NagarGreen Zone
BalliaGreen Zone
ChandauliGreen Zone
ChitrakootGreen Zone
DeoriaGreen Zone
FarrukhabadGreen Zone
FatehpurGreen Zone
HamirpurGreen Zone
Kanpur DehatGreen Zone
Kushi NagarGreen Zone
LalitpurGreen Zone
MahobaGreen Zone
Siddharth NagarGreen Zone
SonbhadraGreen Zone
AmethiGreen Zone

Delhi State:

South East DelhiRed Zone
Central DelhiRed Zone
North DelhiRed Zone
South DelhiRed Zone
North East DelhiRed Zone
West DelhiRed Zone
ShahdaraRed Zone
East DelhiRed Zone
New DelhiRed Zone
North West DelhiRed Zone
South West DelhiRed Zone

Madhya Pradesh State:

lndoreRed Zone
BhopalRed Zone
UjjainRed Zone
JabalpurRed Zone
DharRed Zone
BarwaniRed Zone
East NimarRed Zone
DewasRed Zone
GwaliorRed Zone
KhargoneOrange Zone
RaisenOrange Zone
HoshangabadOrange Zone
RatlamOrange Zone
Agar MalwaOrange Zone
MandsaurOrange Zone
SagarOrange Zone
ShajapurOrange Zone
ChhindwaraOrange Zone
AlirajpurOrange Zone
TikamgarhOrange Zone
ShahdolOrange Zone
SheopurOrange Zone
DindoriOrange Zone
BurhanpurOrange Zone
HardaOrange Zone
BetulOrange Zone
VidishaOrange Zone
MorenaOrange Zone
RewaGreen Zone
AshoknagarGreen Zone
RajgarhGreen Zone
ShivpuriGreen Zone
AnuppurGreen Zone
BalaghatGreen Zone
BhindGreen Zone
ChhatarpurGreen Zone
DamohGreen Zone
DatiaGreen Zone
GunaGreen Zone
JhabuaGreen Zone
KatniGreen Zone
MandlaGreen Zone
NarsinghpurGreen Zone
NeemuchGreen Zone
PannaGreen Zone
SatnaGreen Zone
SehoreGreen Zone
SeoniGreen Zone
SidhiGreen Zone
UmariaGreen Zone
SingrauliGreen Zone
NiwariGreen Zone

Punjab State:

JalandharRed Zone
PatialaRed Zone
LudhianaRed Zone
SAS Nagar (Mohali)Orange Zone
PathankotOrange Zone
MansaOrange Zone
Tarn TaranOrange Zone
AmritsarOrange Zone
KapurthalaOrange Zone
HoshiarpurOrange Zone
FaridkotOrange Zone
SangrurOrange Zone
Shahid Bhagat Singh Nagar (Nawanshahr)Orange Zone
Firozpur (Firojpur or Ferozepur)Orange Zone
Sri Muktsar SahibOrange Zone
MogaOrange Zone
GurdaspurOrange Zone
BarnalaOrange Zone
Rupnagar (Ropar)Green Zone
Fatehgarh SahibGreen Zone
BathindaGreen Zone
FazilkaGreen Zone

West Bengal State:

KolkataRed Zone
HowrahRed Zone
North 24 ParganasRed Zone
South 24 ParganasRed Zone
West Medinipur (Paschim Medinipur)Red Zone
Medinipur East (Purba Medinipur)Red Zone
DarjeelingRed Zone
JalpaiguriRed Zone
KalimpongRed Zone
MaldaRed Zone
HooghlyOrange Zone
Paschim BardhamanOrange Zone
NadiaOrange Zone
Purba BardhamanOrange Zone
MurshidabadOrange Zone
Uttar DinajpurGeen Zone
BankuraGeen Zone
BirbhumGeen Zone
CoochbeharGeen Zone
Dakshin DinajpurGeen Zone
PuruliaGeen Zone
AlipurduarGeen Zone
JhargramGeen Zone


JaiapurRed Zone
BhadrakRed Zone
BaleshwarRed Zone
KhordhaOrange Zone
SundargarhOrange Zone
KendraparaOrange Zone
KoraputOrange Zone
DhenkanalOrange Zone
KalahandiOrange Zone
CuttackGreen Zone
PuriGreen Zone
AnugulGreen Zone
BalangirGreen Zone
BargarhGreen Zone
BoudhGreen Zone
DeogarhGreen Zone
GajapatiGreen Zone
GanjamGreen Zone
JagatsinghapurGreen Zone
JharsugudaGreen Zone
KandhamalGreen Zone
KendujharGreen Zone
MalkangiriGreen Zone
MayurbhanjGreen Zone
NabarangpurGreen Zone
NayagarhGreen Zone
NuapadaGreen Zone
RayagadaGreen Zone
SambalpurGreen Zone
SonepurGreen Zone