New upcoming WhatsApp features

New upcoming WhatsApp features, that will make better message service.

WhatsApp has proved to be the most popular and useful service in the world in messaging services. WhatsApp has more than 2 billion users worldwide. This is why WhatsApp is bringing some updates that are very easy and easy to use. There have been some regular updates on this platform. And so WhatsApp has reintroduced some of the new upcoming features and people are eagerly waiting for it.

Here we have prepared a list of some latest WhatsApp features, which you can see in the new update very soon. Along with this, WhatsApp is updating this service in a bunch. Of which, WhatsApp features of the top are listed here.

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Below are the latest upcoming WhatsApp features

  1. In-App Browser,
  2. Self-destructing messages,
  3. WhatsApp QR Code,
  4. Multiple Device Support, and
  5. Last Seen for Select Friends

#1 In-App Browser

By the way, WhatsApp is working on a browser in which the user gets the received link or shared link, then the user can open this link very easily in the browser of WhatsApp. In this way, users with this update will not have to go to a new browser to open the link and can open it easily on WhatsApp.

Yes, just as the link on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media sites open their browser, in this way the browser is also going to develop WhatsApp.

#2 Self-destructing messages

The feature of self-destructing messages is going to be quite useful as it has been in the works for a long time and hopefully it will be published soon.

In this feature, the user can delete the sent message within a set time, the way the user updates the status and the same status is automatically deleted after 24 hours. This is how this feature will work.

#3 WhatsApp QR Code

By the way, this feature of WhatsApp is already present on the beta version, and you will soon get to see it in the new version of WhatsApp.

In this feature, the user can generate his own QR code and scan any contact with the QR code. Someone else’s QR Code can be easily added to your WhatsApp list. It’s a feature very useful for users.

#4 Multiple Device Support

Currently, WhatsApp can be logged in to any single device. If you try to login to another device, the previous login device will be logged out.

That’s why Whatsapp has been tested on different devices for several days. In this feature, users can log in to more than one device.

#5 Last Seen for Select Friends

Present, you have the option of showing the status in WhatsApp to your contact list, everyone and no one.

WhatsApp is working on such a feature, in which you can hide the status from a few friends on your contact list and everyone else will see this status.