The best career for beginners in the tech age

The best career for beginners in the tech age

Everyone in life has a concern about how to settle in life. Which place and what should it be like. but everyone is looking for it, which can become the best career in the field. Some people have no idea about which field to make a career in. But it can become the best career for beginners in the tech age.

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According to the latest May 2017 report, China, the European Union, the US, India, and Japan are among the top 5 countries in GDP. India is at number four and America is at number three. India is at the forefront of agriculture among these 5 countries with 15.5% GDP. And India is the second-largest producer of agriculture. India has 23% GDP in industrial and 61.5% GDP in service.

The services sector in India is very strong and the largest IT hub in the world is the US which accounts for 80% of GDP in the services sector. Agriculture is not so much in America as GDP is only 0.9% and industrial GDP is 19.1%. The services sector GDP in China is 51.6% and the European Union is 70.9%.

This data has been officially released by the CIA World Factbook, USA.

So then according to this data we talk about the best careers which are the best for beginners in this tech era.

By the way if we talk according to the data given above. There is a lot of progress in the service sector in the world and a lot of scopes to make a career. But it should also be remembered that there is a lot of progress in agriculture in India. I can support you to make a very good career in agriculture. And if you want, you can also make a big career in information technology in the service sector.

Best career for beginners in the service sector:

Information Technology

The worldwide growth rate of information technology is 3.4%. According to research consultancy IDC, in 2020 the global information technology industry will reach $ 5.2 trillion. According to IBEF (India Brand Equity Foundation), the Indian IT industry will go up to $ 225 billion by the end of 2020.

Popular careers in this field are software developers and programmers, systems administrators, IT managers, IT recruiters, and Network as well as database administrators.
As well as network systems, data and systems analysts, support specialists. And the top 3 emerging career is Blockchain developers, JavaScript developers, and Artificial Intelligence experts in India.


The retail industry grew by 5.3% compared to the previous 2017 report. According to the Worldwide Report, the retail industry in 2017 was 23 trillion U.S. dollars were now 30 trillion U.S. Preparation to reach dollars.

best career in this field Beauty Consultant, Buyer, Cashier, District Manager, Branch Manager, Pharmacist, Sales Associate, Store Manager, Sales Manager, Visual merchandiser, and  Human resources as well as Logistic.


The telecom industry grew by 0.62% in 2020 compared to 2018. India is the world’s second-largest telecom service provider with 1.006 billion users.

The best career in this field Installers and technicians, Telecom engineers and specialists, Telecom sales, managers and support personnel, Telephone operators, Electronic Designer, Network Designer, Product Manager, Radio Frequency, and Engineer as well as Network Manager.

Besides, you can make your best career in infrastructure and healthcare in this tech age.

Best career for beginners in the agricultural sector:

The best career for beginners in the tech age

By the way, very few people have an interest in this sector, but this area has developed a lot. And if you choose this sector, you will not get to see much competition in it and you can make your career in this sector very easily.

You have the opportunity to make your best career in this field and very easily. You can make your best career with Agriculture Lawyer, Biochemist, Agricultural and Environmental Engineer, Food Scientist, Bioinformatics Scientist, Agricultural Economist, Agricultural Operations Manager, Horticulture, Dairy Technology, and Fisheries.

The best career for beginners in the technological age you can choose your best career as your skill passion.