Windows 10x features and windows history

Windows 10x features and Windows history

Microsoft Corporation’s Windows 10X This is a new version of Windows 10. The Windows 10X operating system will greatly change the computer world and make the most significant contribution. Windows 10X designed for dual-screen devices such as Microsoft’s upcoming Surface Neo. And, as such, it will bring in a lot of features and capabilities that other Windows 10 versions did not.

Windows 10X Features

Windows 10X is built with modern technology at the core of the user interface. So that the user can use it very easily. Users can use it in many different ways. Just as the user can use it as a laptop or tablet, the user can also use it as a game and a movie. This has moved the control panel, file explorer, and error dialogs and icons to Windows 10X.

Microsoft has introduced the start menu in a new look. In this, the search bar is taken in the center and the search box is placed in it. The list of installed apps will be displayed in the system below it, where the browser history is also to be displayed below this list. So that the user can go to the direct browser page from there. You can customize and group the list of apps. By the way, every part of Windows 10X has been redesigned, so when you install Windows, the look of this interface will also be completely changed. The rest of the process is the same as Windows 10, so it is the Security and Login Authority.

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Windows update, Task bar and Action bar

Microsoft has improved the process of updating Windows away. It will update in 15 minutes and will take only 90 seconds to reboot. Foldable features are also available in Windows X, but the use of these features will work only on the system running according to this Windows user.

Windows 10X also has a new adaptive taskbar that you can customize and which can change depending on the device form factor or user preference. In marketing materials, items such as the start button, pinned, and running apps are focused on the taskbar.

It also has a new activity center with new starts and taskbar experiences. This new action center works, in which separates can be redirected to the place. It tells you the action in a box stylized in a separate way. In this way many Windows 10X features.

History of Windows

Windows 1.0 was released in 1985 and Windows 2.0 was 1987. The same Windows 3.1 in 1992 and Windows 95 in 1995. Four years later, Windows XP was released in 2001, which the user liked very much, and later Windows Vista was released in 2006. Windows 7 was released in 2009 and Windows 8 in 2012. Just 3 years later, Windows 10 was released. And now Windows 10X is being released in 2020.